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The Essential Fondue Cookbook presents 75 decadent recipes ranging from classic cheese dishes to savoury desserts for all occasions. Many cuisines across the globe have their own delectable take on fondue, and Erin Harris (The Cheese Poet) brings it all together to give you the ultimate guide on how to indulge in this communal tradition. Enhance your fondue experience with her expertise―from how to pick the proper fondue pot to how to select the finest cheeses. Dive in deeper to discover fondue etiquette and techniques that are guaranteed to create a tasteful gastronomic gathering. Combining traditional flavours with new ones, you’ll taste and see just how versatile fondue truly is.

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"Warning: do not read this book if you’re hungry. Or if you are, make sure you’ve dusted off your fondue pot, have a few friends nearby, and are ready to dig into Erin’s delightful ode to bubbly, oozy, creamy, communal cooking. Her delectable, globally-inspired recipes made me want to eat every page, and her warm and breezy writing style was as welcoming as the aroma of warm cheese melting nearby."

-Laura Werlin, Cheese Writer and Author

"Erin’s first cookbook packs a PUNCH! With countless tasty recipes and tons of helpful DIY tips, I’ll definitely turn to this anytime I need inspiration for my next fondue-filled affair.”

-Madison Trapkin, Editor-in-Chief of Culture Magazine